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Wow, a swing with Bluetooth. The mamaRoo baby swing can control the music, seat movement pattern and speed all from an Apple IOS or Android app. That might be worth the purchase price right there. After a year of the same 12 songs or so that most swings provide, you may go mad. Like “it’s a Small Small World” at Disney World too much of a good thing can become frustrating. Part of the design goals was to be more natural in the movement of the swing than typical baby swings, “parents don’t vibrate like bouncy seats or rock like swings. They bounce and sway, and that’s what the mamaRoo does: it moves like you do.”



The mamaRoo is a bit different in that it doesn’t swing like a traditional baby swing. There are 5 motions and 5 speeds that are meant to simulate the natural motion of parents:



The unit stops all motions after 4 hours of continuous usage.


This swing comes in 4 color combinations a light grey, black, and two designer versions in silver and multi-color. There are two fabric materials for the seats. The plush seat fabric is a softer, blanket-like material. The classic seat fabric is a polyester material. There are a few options. You can order a newborn insert which adds some additional support for infants and an extra full-sized seat cover is available. Replacement toy balls and mp3 chord can also be ordered.


This system comes with four built-in sounds and the ability to play MP3 audio files of your own using the supplied cable or stream via Bluetooth


The seat reclines and there is a toy bar included. An interesting point is that it is used in over 300 hospitals.

The mamaRoo is calming because it provides an environment that is similar to still being in utero – babies feel contained, they’re moving, there’s a bit of sound – and we find that very soothing for our babies.
– Alan Lantzy, MD; Neonatologist and Pediatrician


mamaRoo has two fabric types available – plush and classic fabrics. They are easy to remove and both can be machine washed. 4Moms recommends washing them in cold water on the gentle cycle with no bleach. Tumble dry separately on low heat.

Consumer Reviews

mamaRoo Website 4.0 – 119 Reviews

Amazon 4.0 – 511 Reviews




Check-out our complete guide to baby swings for more information on choosing a swing.


You can order both replacement seat inserts. And a special newborn insert with extra head support

Baby Age & Weight

Developmental Statement Use from birth until child attempts to climb out of product.se from birth until child becomes active and may be able to climb out of seat.

Maximum weight: 25 lbs. (11,3 kg)


  • Comes with AC adaptor power source.
  • AC only

4moms RockaRoo

There is also a small version of the mamaRoo, the 4moms rockaRoo. It is a glider for younger children and moves front to back in a gliding motion. The rocaRoo has five speed options and connects to any MP3 device for music to soothe your child.


The limited warranty for the mamaRoo 4 infant seat is for one year from the date of purchase. covers repair or replacement. The warranty is only valid in the country where the mamaRoo 4 was purchased. Proof of purchase must be provided to establish the purchase date.

mamaRoo High-tech Swing


  • Cool Modern Design

  • Bluetooth Audio

  • Six motion patterns

  • AC powered


  • Poor Speaker Quality

  • Large and heavy to move

  • Noisy Motor


The mamaRoo is definitely the coolest looking swing out there. Like a Jetsons baby’s swing. A great concept with motions that are more parent like than a kids ride at a fair. If you are looking for a futuristic looking swing with high-tech features, mamaRoo is the one. You can get more information and detailed reviews of the mamaRoo at Amazon.