Best Doorway Jumpers

Baby doorway bouncers or doorway jumpers clamp to a doorframe and hang a seat from a single, large spring. Some come with a bumper tray and/or toys built in. Best to think of these as little people activities and sport. There is always the chance of a bump into a door frame – so supervision is needed.  They take up little space and are relatively easy to take down and store for averaged height parents. The work in most houses that have typical doorframes.

Doorway jumpers are the least expensive type of jumper and make great shower gifts.

Doorway Jumpers – Fun Activity for Little Ones

Types of  Doorway Jumpers

There are a few styles of jumpers for your doorway. And if your doorway is not suitable there are even units that have the same function but come with a stand.

The clamps are all very similar though some are metal and others plastic. The seats can vary quite a bit. Some units have harness-type setups. Some babies like this snugness. Others have seats that hold the baby secure. If you notice your baby can climb out of the seat, then they have outgrown the unit.

Stick with a known brand and you can be sure of a safe doorway jumper.

activity jumper

Easy to Setup

Attaches to the top of the door trim

Clamp uses swing and baby weight to secure

Move from room to room

baby jumper walker

Lots of Choices

Seat type

Harness type

free-standing activity jumper

Frames for Difficult Doors

Sometimes the door trim is too narrow or curved

Protects expensive moldings by having a freestanding frame.

Five Doorway Jumper Safety Tips:

  1. Be sure that your doorway is suitable for a jumper
  2. Don’t attach anything to jumper that could cause pose a strangulation hazard
  3. Don’t use near stairs or balcony
  4. Stop using when weight limit is exceeded
  5. Don’t have toys or other objects on floor near your jumper


Are doorway jumpers safe?

Doorway jumpers are great. They are quick to set up. Can be easily moved from room to room. They can go with you to Grandmas. You do need to be sure that your doorway can safely be used, however.  The jumpers have a clamp that use the weight of the jumper and baby to clamp down on the door jam. The straps and clamps should be inspected regularly for wear. As babies get older and bigger they are stronger. care must be taken that they don’t bounce so aggressively they can hit the door frame. I wouldn’t buy these used. They are very reasonably priced so the small savings over new is not worth the risk.

Some pediatricians worry that if used too much your child’s lower body strength and development will progress faster than the rest of the baby. They are amazingly simple and popular with babies and parents. Double check the doorway suitability and consider these jumpers an active sports outing, not an all-day activity.

Our Top Doorway Jumpers

– Find Your Baby’s Inner Athlete –

Our Favorite — Graco Bumper Jumper

Graco makes great products and their doorway jumper is no exception. It is well designed and gets great reviews. The Bumper Jumper is a great little exercise machine for your baby.


With a built-in tray, adjustable play rings and a removable cloth pad there is a lot to recommend about the Graco Bumper Jumper. Another highlight is the bumper, rubber ring that surrounds the seat and protects kids should they bump against the doorframe. Nice. It has a large single spring that lets your child get some fun and exercise as they jump to and fro. The clamps have built-in protection for your door jam. It gets great reviews and is very inexpensive. A real gem of a product that anyone would love to get as a gift.


Amazon 4.5 (2,411 reviews)

Walmart 4.6 (279 reviews)

Graco 4.5 (115 Reviews)

“We luckily received this from our baby registry and -while we move it to different rooms throughout the house- we hardly ever take it down! Our baby has endless happy energy and has been insisting on “standing” and bouncing in our laps, so this is the perfect compliment! He bounces with glee and can sit upright when just playing with toys on the tray, very content, with a lot less stress on either his legs or our arms!”


Product Weight 3.5 lbs

Tray Dimensions: 17″x17.7″

Doorway Height Requirements:

  • Maximum Height 80.5″
  • Minimum Height 69.5″
graco bumper jumper

Baby Age & Weight

Developmental Statement

For children from 5.5 to 25 lbs. Child must be able to hold head upright unassisted

Evenflo ExerSaucer Baby Doorway Jumper, Owl 

Evenflo is better known for car seats than baby swings. But this little ExerSaucer is great.


This ExerSaucer Doorway Jumper is designed to stimulate and exercise your baby with jumping fun. It takes up little room and is easily moved from room to room. The ExerSaucer has a framed seat that completely surrounds the child in a cozy setting. It has a strong door-frame clamp that fits almost all doorways. A special safety feature is a fully-enclosed spring. There is no way for a child to bounce up and grab the spring. Easy to clean and travel with it is an inexpensive entertainment center for your baby.


Amazon 4.3 (774 reviews)

Walmart 4.5 (55 reviews)

Evenflo 4.0 (21 Reviews)

“This doorway jumper is like jumping in a giant stuffed animal! The material is very soft and comfortable for baby. The mirror is a nice feature and is in the perfect spot for baby to enjoy looking at themselves! This is the cutest and most comfortable jumper we have ever seen!”


Dimensions: 12 W x 10 D x 18.5 H (inches)

Product Weight: 2.7 lbs.

activity jumper for toddler


Color scheme options

Baby Age & Weight

Developmental Statement

  • Weight: Up to 24 lbs.
  • Maturity: ONLY for use by children who are able to hold their head upright unassisted (approximately 4 months of age) AND weighing no more than 24 lbs (10.8 kg)

The Original Jolly Jumper with Stand

The Jolly Jumper is the original jumper. It was invented in 1910! The original unit was built by Olivia Poole for her son Joseph. The harness/saddle was made from a diaper, and a local blacksmith created a soft spring for her invention. An ax handle was used for the spreader bar. Amazing. The Jolly Jumper was released for retail sales in 1948.


In addition to having stood the test of time, the Jolly Jumper has some unique characteristics not found in competitors models. First, there is the optional frame. This is great if you have doors that can not accommodate a clamp. Or if you have expensive millwork that you don’t want to risk marking with clamps. There is also an activity mat available as an option. Your baby will have a place to play and launch from that also has music. The saddle seat was carefully designed to support the baby’s spine. The seat also aligns the baby in a firm upright posture during exercise.

The Jolly Jumper is easily moved from room to room. With the stand version, you even have the option of taking it outside. If you have older kids playing in the yard your infant can now join in the fun, fresh air, and exercise.


Amazon 4.4 (87 reviews)

Walmart 4.8 (22 reviews)

“I bought this for my son when he was 6.5 months and I should have bought it sooner. He loves it. !!! It’s great to keep him happy and gives his legs strength. I swear by this item and will keep it for my next baby.”


The frame stands 52 inches high and has a floor footprint of 50 inches x 43 inches.

Dimensions: 21 x 38 x 3

Weight: 11.6 lbs


The Jolly Jumper comes as a standard door jumper or with an optional stand. There is also an optional floor activity center.

baby jumper walker

Baby Age & Weight

Developmental Statement

Designed for babies from approximately 3 months of age (when baby can hold head up with full neck support) to just before walking age. Maximum weight of 28 lbs or 13 kg.


Doorway Jumpers are in a category all to themselves. Part baby swing part exercise machine. Kids love them. They are great space savers and can work in homes and most apartments. They help with your baby’s strength, muscle development, and coordination.

Be sure to check the age and weight range for the.product. We want your child to have fun and improve their coordination and strength as they start to learn to walk.