BabyBjörn Bouncer

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Elegant Scandinavian esthetics is the best way to describe the BabyBjorn Bouncer. Not the cheapest and not a baby bouncer swing but certainly one of the best baby bouncers available. There are two models to choose from. The Bjorn Bouncer is a minimalists work of art. not just nice to look at, it was designed with input from pediatricians with a focus on the best ergonomics to support a baby’s head and back.

BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss

This is the top of the line unit and is available in 13 colors with a special edition model also available with 3 additional colors. Pricing varies depending on the color/fabric choice. The price range is $180 – $205.

Baby Bouncer Soft

The original Bjorn bouncer with a slightly different harness. Most of the difference between the Bliss and Soft are the fabric choices.



The standard unit is available in 13 colors with a special edition model also available with 3 additional colors. The Bouncer Bliss fabric comes in 2 types of materials and a total of 13 different monotone colors:

  • Mesh – The mesh material is modern, airy and dries quickly. It has smooth stitching designed to not chafe the baby’s soft skin. The fabric comes in 6 colors – Anthracite, Cocoa, Powder Pink, Dusk Blue, Navy Blue, and Lavender Violet.
  • Quilted Cotton – The cotton quilted fabric is oh so cushy. It has a very soft feel and is available in 7 colors – Black, Terracotta Pink, Sand Gray, Midnight Blue, Old Rose,  Vintage Turquoise and Gray Pinstripe.

Other units may be more baby bouncer swings and we have an in-depth write-up of these Baby Jumpers and Swings. The BabyBjorn bouncer however is a convertible bouncer/seat. The bouncer is great for newborns but also has a life-extending convertible capability. When the baby is too big to use as a bouncer it quickly converts to a fixed chair. This is a nice feature to prolong the useful life of the purchase.


The BabyBjorn Bouncer has 3 seat positions that change the incline for the baby – Play, Rest and Sleep. There is also a folded flat position for transportation or storage.

In the Play position, the baby is the most upright and can easily engage with the optional toy bar.

The Rest position is great for inactive but not sleeping time. A little jiggle of the legs and the baby can get engaged and have the bouncer moving.

When it is time for a nap the Sleep position is great. The bouncer will gently move if the baby rustles from sleeping and often will be enough to lull them back to rest.


Bouncer Bliss is available in two soft materials:

  • Cotton: 100% cotton (quilted)
  • Mesh: 100% polyester

Check-out our complete guide to baby swings for more information on choosing a swing.


The BouncerBliss comes in 13 colors with the addition of another 3 colors in the limited edition model.


There are two optional toy bars and you can also order replacement seat covers.



Here’s a great little video showing how easy it is to set the three seating incline position.



Here’s a great little video showing how easy it is to set the three seating incline position of the BabyBjorn Bouncer.

Baby Age & Weight

From birth to approx. two years (min. 8 lbs/3.5 kg, max. 29 lbs/13 kg).

  • Bouncer (max 20 lbs/9 kg)
    Always use the restraint system. Make sure that both buttons are locked. You can adjust between two positions. Stop using the product as a bouncer once your child can sit up without help.
  • Chair (max 29 lbs/13 kg)
    Use as chair when your child can walk and sit on his or her own. In order to convert the product into a chair, all you have to do is turn the fabric around.

Consumer Reviews

Baby Bjorn Website  4.7– 1187 Reviews

Amazon 4.7 – 851 Reviews

Walmart 4.8 – 106 Reviews


No power is required for the BabyBjorn. It is a completely kid-powered jumper.

BabyBjorn Bouncer – Elegant Design


  • Elegant simple design

  • Converts to a seat when outgrown

  • Three incline settings

  • Folds Flat for travel or storage


  • Toy bar sold separately

  • Expensive for a bouncer

  • Rather large (long) when collapsed


The Bjorn Baby Bouncer is one of those products that you will recognize that you are paying a premium for design and perhaps be reluctant to overspend. You have a new baby, of course, you need to be careful with spending. It is also one of those products that you will be pleased to own. Kids love it. It looks great. You can order in many colors and fabrics to match your decor and lifestyle. It folds flat to travel and converts to a chair when outgrown as a bouncer. It is certainly the best baby bouncer for design focused parents. Get more information about BabyBjorn Bouncer at Amazon.