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There is nothing worse than a crying baby. It stresses parents and children and can feed upon itself – quickly spiraling out of control. Baby swing is one of the best ways to soothe a crying baby. What a great family of products. This comprehensive guide will help you find the best baby swing for your family.

For many, it is the difference between a happy and calm child and an afternoon with a  stress-filled crying baby. For kids, it is a development and relaxation aid. As they get older and use jumpers it helps develop coordination.

There are so many choices now. Fixed swings, portable swings, battery and cord powered swings. There are gliders that can soothe a newborn to sleep and bouncers and jumpers that can entertain a toddler.

Ask at your parent’s group and you will get many opinions. But uniform praise.

Let’s take a detailed look at baby swing technology, design characteristics, and our all-around favorites.

Comprehensive Guide to Baby Swing

Baby Swing Safety

Are baby swings safe? ConsumerWatch.com found the number of baby swing injuries to be low compared with other nursery items. They reported that faulty or incorrectly assembled baby swings can cause injuries ranging from bumps or bruises to entanglement in the shoulder straps as well as strangulation.

If you want more safety information about a baby swing, you check the CPSC website for a list of baby swing recalls to ensure the model you are considering is not on the list.

Is Used Swing a Good Idea?

You will see used units in consignment shops. Check them over closely and make sure that the seat cover is removable and washable.

Baby swings are not that expensive new, so try to get one from your baby registry if you can. There may be a reason that the swing was resold or the baby may have just outgrown. Who is to know.

But from a trusted mom at your parent’s group, sure. Babies will typically outgrow them before they have become broken or obsolete.



  1. Never leave the baby unattended
  2. Make sure to only use approved products for overnight sleeping
  3. Keep cloth areas germ and bacteria free.
  4. Set up the baby swing in a safe area and not on inclines or tables.
  5. If your baby can get out of the swing while secured, he/she has outgrown it.
  6. Read and understand manuals, weight & age limits.

Baby Swings Have Changed Since You Were a Child

Full-Sized Swings

The most rigid and stable designs

There fixed design makes them more affordable

Fewer moving parts to wear


Gliders & Sleepers

Different Motion

Often newborn sleeping rated



Portable Swings

You may want to move the baby swing from room to room.

Or you may need to bring it to Grandmas.

For storing portable units fold flat and can be tucked away in a closet.

Hi Tech Swing

Bluetooth and other music options

Remote control of speed and vibration

Bouncers - Toddler Swings

Little people powered

Great for young toddlers

Types of Swings

Most of the baby swings that you are likely to be familiar with fall into the fixed or portable category.

Just like they sound one is built to pretty much stay assembled and in one location. The other is designed to go with you and your baby as you explore the world, yet still, need to find some tranquility.

But there are also high-tech models, gliders, and bouncers to consider.

There are many features and characteristics of a baby swing beyond fixed and portable. Design, music, maintenance, quality, durability, accessories all are important considerations.

Let’s take a look.



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Power types

  • ELECTRIC – There are AC plug units, battery only units and units with both (some with rechargeable batteries). Battery only units should be avoided. They will not last long due to swings being heavy duty appliances for a battery. Combo units are great, allowing you to optionally have your bay unplugged in the center of a room or on a porch is a great option.
  • WIND-UP – Windups are often found on the portable unit. These are especially attractive as a backup or secondary swing for travel.
parts of a baby swing


Having adjustable sound and motion settings can provide variety for your baby and save the parent from hearing “Wheels on the Bus” or “It’s a Small Small World” over and over. Some models even have the ability to play mp3 songs of your choice. You can expose your baby to classics while they sleep. Others have vibration settings like a shiatsu massage chair.  

  • SPEED – Many swings have adjustable speed settings. Babies are little people. Some like a slow ride some a fast one. Adjustable speed lets you find what your baby likes and gives them variety.
  • DIRECTION – Most swings move just like you would expect – front to back. There are a few though that go side to side. This is another baby personality item and you may find your child has a preference.
  • TIMER – You can set some swings to shut off after a set amount of time. Usually, these go up to 45 minutes. One thing to watch out for are swings that exclusively use a timer for turning on and off. This means every 45 minutes you will need to restart it.
baby swing movement

Ease of use

  • ASSEMBLY – Let the mom do it. She will read the instructions. Most have video instructions.
  • BATTER HANDLING – on some this can be difficult. Avoid battery only swings.
  • BABY INSERTION – Get the baby in and out, adjusting the seat height or angle. You want this to be effortless.


Frame material can vary from tubular steel to cheap plastic.

  • FOLDING – Some models can fold. This is great for storing in a closet or going to see Grandma but require care each time you set it up to inspect that you are properly configured and that no damage or wear has happened.
  • STRENGTH – Full-size non-foldable swings offer a wide support base to give a rock solid swing. Metal is preferred over plastic for rigidity. I would avoid the cheap plastic swings.

Attachments and accessories

  • Many of the swings have toy bar attachments to entertain the baby.
  • Mobiles, mirrors, and speakers are available on some model
  • Replacement seat covers are often available.


  • Brand matters – I would avoid plastic units from unknown companies.
  • Fisher-Price and Graco dominate and are quality products.
  • Smaller quality manufacturers include 4Moms and Bjorn
baby swing toy bar
babybjorn baby jumper


The seat should fit your child, be comfortable and washable.

  • CLEANING – Babies are messy. No new parent needs to be reminded of that. Easy to remove and washable seat covers will greatly extend the life of your baby swing. You also want to be able to clean to eliminate germs and bacteria that can be growing in the cloth sections.
  • POSITIONS – Seat incline adjustments are a great thing and extend the lifetime of your swing. Newborns and infants typically like to be reclined. But toddlers often want a more upright position to check-out their environment.
  • The material and padding of baby seats vary quite a bit. Some are super soft and padded.
  • The size baby the swing is intended for. A toddler is not going to be comfortable, or safe, in a bassinet.


  • Baby swings often play music, the same music, over and over. For some parents, this starts out amusing in the beginning to hearing-it-in-your-sleep maddening after a year. Other parents have a higher tolerance for this.
  • Typically there will be songs and nature sounds.
  • One of the advantages of the more high-tech units like the 4moms one is they allow you to stream your own music.


  • Do consider how the swing will look in your setting. There is no reason to have your home or apartment be a design-free zone just because you had a child.
  • Brands like Bjorn and 4Moms pay close attention to aesthetic design details.

Other types of Baby Swing

In addition to portable and fixed baby swings, there are also gliders or rockers and baby bouncers to consider.

Baby Bouncers

  • Baby bouncers – are kid powered. You may get them started with some up and down motion but they operate just like they sound.
  • They get a bit of energy stored from the motion of the bouncing and carry on a bit after the motion.
  • Lots of fun for younger toddlers, though they might be annoyed when it stops.


  • Gliders – are the more common term and apply to swings that are often for younger infants and incorporate a bassinet.
  • The key advantage of these is that many are approved for overnight sleeping. Sometimes these are called soothers or sleeper-rockers by the manufacturer.
baby sleeper

Wrapping it Up

Baby Swings are great for parents and kids. The industry has changed and added many new styles and technology improvements. Music, gliding bassinets, vibration, and safe comfy seats are hallmarks of today’s baby swings. There are many quality products that your baby will love. It is the best device for new families that will both soothe the child and give parents a well-deserved break nearby.

Be sure to check the age and weight range for the.product. We want your child to be rocked to sleep in a safe calming swing – second only to a mother’s comforting arms.